Introduction of 2B Bio Hydrawhite in Seoul

Monday 1 May 2011

On May 25th, 2011 Libinvest CEO Jean Michel Libert met with Mrs. Giwa Chow, Mrs. Nicky and Mr. Jerry, the Korean importers-distributors of the 2B Bio Beauty brand.

He took this opportunity to introduce the new products of this brand among which the 2B Bio Hydrawhite product/treatment concept.

2B Bio HydraWhite2B Bio Hydrawhite is a top notch hydrating lightening treatment. Its efficaciousness derives from a revolutionary active agent that controls the activity of the tyrosinase and thus the production of the melanin which is responsible for pigmentation.

For one year a double-blind experiment was carried out positively in Bangkok on this innovative product , thirty volunteers having accepted to be given two daily applications on their face for three months.

2B Bio Hydrawhite is meeting a real success with Asian dealers. Associated with 2B Bio Peeling, it ensures optimal results.

Jean Michel Libert and his Korean importers/distributors will present the brand and the product during the "Cosmoprof Asia 2011" trade fair in Hong Kong, on 9, 10 and 11th November. All Asian 2B Bio Beauty customers are invited to come.


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