2B Bio Clarté Balancing lotion for oily skins

    The principle

    At the beauty center: completes make-up removal and cleansing of oily and/or acne-prone skins so as to prepare them for the benefits of the 2B Bio Peeling.
    At home: 2B Bio Clarté regulates the causes of a shiny skin by neutralizing epidermic toxins.

    The secret of the formula

    • Atlas®: moisturizing agent.
    • Watercress: botanical extract with tonic, mineralizing and antiseptic virtues.
    • Burdock: antiseptic.
    • Camphor: provides a soothing effect, paired with an intensely refreshing sensation.

    The results

    Your skin looks bright and full of vitality and your complexion luminous and mat.

    How to use it

    Morning and evening on a skin that has had all traces of make-up removed with 2B Bio Pureté. May also be used after the 2B Bio Purifiant mask in order to remove any trace of oil.

    The contents

    A «blotting» texture that gives the skin a long-lasting mat and even look.

    Ingredients (INCI)

    aqua/water / alcohol / methylal / propylene glycol / nasturtium officinale flower/leaf extract / sorbeth-30 / arctium majus root extract / camphor / CI 15985 / CI 42090.


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